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I never stop hoping that the BIG gig will be awarded, that I will be recognized for my talent and hard work, that a wonderful available man will knock on my door  and a slew of other good stuff will manifest into my life. Hope (which is also my middle name)  is what I wake up with every day.

As I was editing this shoot titled “GIRL POWER” I saw the wonder, awe and confidence in this 6 year old and thought I wish I could drink that adolescent Kool-Aid and really believe that anything was possible!

I think tomorrow morning I will wake up BELIEVING  and leave HOPE in bed to rest! 

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Today is such an important day in history.  This date should be remembered for not only the heinous crimes that occurred and the innocent souls that were tragically taken away as a result, but also as a reminder of how our country pulled themselves together. Through unity we became stronger.

I was trying to figure out which photos to post to convey my thoughts today and came across some of my swing shots. I had that Ah Ha moment and realized the swing was the metaphor for this day. As we remember our childhood swing sets we can also think about today. We can chose to look back , be angry and scream about what has been done so no one ever forgets or look toward the future together with positivity and determination to make sure this never happens again.

A heartfelt hug to those that lost those dear to them on this date and a big giant shout out to rest of us to never forget that collectively we are always stronger then individually when we act in the name of LOVE. Namaste…


I am no baseball fan ( really not a sports fan at all), I do however admire the way Derek Jeter played the game on and off the field. His career and lifestyle is something I think our kids should admire.

On another note having a female little leaguer pitch a no-hitter and grace the cover of Time magazine is also something our children should embrace as it says that anything is possible.

 His retirement and Mo’ne Davis’s accomplishments coincide with the future of how we groom our kids for their place in society. 

An Icon retires and a new era is born.  

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Another Day of Firsts!

Today is the first day of school for most kids in the Northeast. I remember every moment leading up to my son’s first days of school. The preparations, the discussions and even the teacher’s meetings where we discussed goals. I even remember what surprises I put in his lunch box each year. I’m sure you can all relate.

Today was different. Today he entered middle school. Even though he’s still in the same school as he has been for the past 6 years, it is a big change. He now has responsibility to be a role model and mentor to the younger kids and if the school believes he can be that, then I have to let go and let him become that person. 

So the first today was for me. It was the first time i let him get up and get ready on his own (I did sneak a surprise into his lunchbox). It was the first time I told the teacher that even though I was there as support, I would let him do his work on his own and it was his responsibility to get it done. I figure it might take a few missteps for him to realize that with more freedom comes more responsibility. Of course I will always be there to catch him if he falls off the path but for now I have made a decision to let him be.  I know he’ll always do the right thing. 

Funky Friendships

This home was so bright and cheery with lots of whimsy but all the furniture was solid! A metaphor for thier life and friendships?

It’s funny what I see as I edit every shoot. It’s not so much about who and where I am shooting. It’ is about the contentment I see in other people’s lives that makes me believe in the  good life! 

Thank You Dana & Mike for inviting me over!

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LOVE to shoot babies and this one was no exception!

She is a beauty! 

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Summer Photos = Joy All Year


Where do babies come from?



Summertime and the living is easy!

New Images of the boys without technology …

Prom Queen

The last great party of High School, the Senior Prom. Loved shooting these lifestyle shots of Jordan and her friends. All the girls were so sophisticated and dressed to the “nines” … Each one could have been the prom queen!

 The theme was  New York (  Ha Ha …it seems I am in a NY State of Mind these days even when I am photographing in the “Burbs” - I am referring to my last post on my Suburban Bliss Blog:) and the song of the night was You and Me by Lifehouse. You can Listen to it here….  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ac3HkriqdGQ

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I don’t often do any street photography as I like to engage with my subjects but today was a rare exception… Check out my blog to see some shots I did as I wandered the streets of NY

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Technology vs. a Good Book and a little exercise !

Summer is coming and I am really looking forward to hanging out on the beach with my son … Oh and actually reading a bit while he “frolics” seaside. It’s pretty much the only time during the year that I get to read as most of the time I tied to technology for work… What I don’t get is why all the kids seem so glued to their devices when the sun is shining and there is so much”summer fun” to be had that doesn’t involve technology. And  doesn’t everyone know their devices will get ruined @ the beach…  image




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Sue Barr’s Conception

The concept of the American nuclear family has come a long way in the past sixty years.  Nowadays it seems that the average domestic unit is more Modern Family than Leave it to Beaver.  Picking up on the radically accelerating acceptance of non-traditional couplings, photographer Sue Barr decided to launch a deeply personal project entitled “Conception.”

“Conception” is an attempt to showcase atypical families with beautiful, fine art portraits.  Primarily a lifestyle photographer, Sue is viewing this project as a means to hone her fine art skills and experiment with new techniques.  More importantly, however, Sue wants to shed light on the fact that “a family is simply about sharing love and nurturing.”  She had been interested in alternative family units (such as same-sex, interracial, adoptive, or single parent households) since before she was even a mother herself.  The birth of her son only strengthened her passion for this idea.  Out of this passion, “Conception” was born.

Sue is excited to continue the project, having had the pleasure to meet all types of families, all equally healthy and loving.  There was the lesbian couple in Chicago with an adopted African daughter.  Then, there was the single male head of a prestigious New York school who is expecting twins through an egg donor and a surrogate.  “I have been lucky enough to meet all sorts of families,” said Sue “I want to be able to photograph and chronicle some of the more unique as well as the ordinary non-traditional families to make sure that future generations know that gender, religion, race or whatever stigma can never get in the way of nurture.

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